The Dangers of Data Leaks for Businesses: Understanding the Risks

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There is little more terrifying to a business than a data leak. This could be your business plans, data, and sensitive information that your company swore to protect or information about your employees that could make them leave your business.

A data leak for many businesses is a tragedy, but it is widespread despite all of these repercussions. Here is what a data leak can do to your business and what you can do to prevent it.

What can it do to your business?

In short, a data breach and leak do many bad things to your business. This isn’t a ‘sweep it under the rug’ sort of thing, as that would be a bit like trying to put a child’s band-aid on a massive sinkhole and then declaring it to be fixed. Much like a sinkhole, a data leak is quick and obvious, causes a lot of disruption, and needs to be fixed as soon as possible. However, you may want to know more, and you can visit the Proofpoint website to learn more about data leaks. Here is what is at risk if you have a data leak in your business:

  • Trust formed between your business and clients practically evaporates – Your customers have trusted your business a lot. This includes their addresses, emails, and data by allowing cookies, potentially even their credit card details. Phone numbers, security information, you name it, are all at risk due to a data breach and leak. This might not be your fault, and it might have happened without you being able to do anything against it. But it will still be blamed on you and deemed negligent.
  • It will show weakness to other cybercriminals looking for an easy hit – This is a disturbing fact. If you have a data leak, you have a hole somewhere. If you have a hole somewhere, you have given cybercriminals a place that they can dip in and out of potentially without getting noticed. One large-scale attack might be multiple, slammer-scaled attacks that can easily ruin your business. This can be something that can scare you, so you should be very wary of a large data leak.
  • It can reveal your game-changing business plans to the world – These kinds of leaks are awful when it comes to new ideas getting stolen. This is a shame, as you might have been on the brink of a discovery, and during a data leak, those plans got exposed to other companies, who, while you are trying to scrabble around and stop the data leak, develop your product with their twist and reap all of the rewards.
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How can a data leak be prevented?

General maintenance of your tech and keeping on top of your business. Your cloud security should be well maintained, and you should ensure all other data is well-defended. The measures are simple to implement, but you also need to back that with budgeting for the upkeep of these measures that could potentially stop your business from going under.

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