Top Call of Duty Warzone Tips to Help You Dominate the Competition

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Call of Duty Warzone is undoubtedly one of the most successful Battle Royale games. But surviving and winning COD Warzone is not a cakewalk. Skills and instincts do not last long in the game.

You must learn more about positioning, landing, and cover to keep you ahead of competitors.

COD Warzone demands you to make quick decisions on shots and landing to help you survive till the end and win. Having helpful information and constant practice will help you understand the game better.

So, we have brought here some Call of Duty Warzone tips to help you win the game.

Move to the battlefield quickly.

Try to reach the battlefield in less time and be the quickest to touch it. You can deploy your parachute before returning to fall-free mode to advance the field quickly. Being among the first to reach the battlefield means getting better equipment than others. It will also save you from players who open fire during parachute drops.

Kill your enemies

Why not kill a few enemies even before landing? It is a good choice as COD Warzone can accommodate up to 150 players. So, each player you keep away will increase the possibility of winning. The trick is to kill rivals while you are still in the air. You have to cut your parachute for a while and use a gun to shoot. You can deploy the parachute again.

You can take Warzone Cheats’ help, offering an excellent gameplay experience. The cheats ensure you an edge over the competitors and help you win.

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Know where to drop

Deciding to move to the battlefield quickly can be a wrong decision sometimes. It is because you can land in the wrong location. So, always choose where to drop. COD Warzone allows you to control the parachute manually. You can either open or close it, cut it halfway, or redeploy it.

Try to land at a hub close to a contract where you can earn cash, XP, and loot immediately. Either way, landing in the right spot will move you toward a possible victory.

Acquire loadout

Prioritize acquiring your loadout in COD Warzone as soon you get an opportunity, whether you play solo or with a squad. Using gear and floor weapons is ok to use initially, but specific load-outs will help you perform better. Get $10,000 cash in the game to buy a Loadout Drop. With this, you can have the equipment, perks, and custom weapons.

However, even after acquiring loadout, do not stop looting. Aiming for more cash and an armor pouch that gives you a maximum of eight plates instead of five would be best. Getting around $20k can help you buy a Self-Revive, a gas mask, and a killstreak.

Complete contracts

Contracts are the best way to get cash, weapons, and XP in the Call of Duty Warzone. You can win several awards like Bounties that reveal a player’s location or Recons that allow you to see the next circle in the gas zone. The rewards will depend on the type of contract you win.

You also gain a multiplier with each contract you complete. Winning more contracts will give you a higher multiplier. After your multiplier gets high, you will get thousands of dollars from only one contract.

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Practice teamwork

Teamwork is the key to COD Warzone. So, try to be with your squad in the game. Do not be selfish and share your loot with the team. You can also see your team’s finances on your screen’s left bottom. You will need your team if you are killed in the middle of the game.

They can repurchase you by purchasing appropriately from the BuyStation. So, ensure you have $4500 to purchase and share items. Always call your teammates and decide your plan of action with them.


Call of Duty Warzone is not an easy act. You have to make many decisions in an instant. But applying appropriate strategies and tips will help you end in a victory. Following the above tips will also help you win COD Warzone. So, be ready to dive into the exciting world of Warzone.

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