What Does a Background Check for Employment Reveal?

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what does background check for employment reveal

Employers can learn about past criminal convictions and accounts from background checks and use this information to make better hiring decisions. Such information may include pending charges, misdemeanor convictions, and felony convictions. They can also discover whether a person has been dismissed or acquitted of a criminal charge. This information is vital to companies that are concerned about liability.

Background Checks Reveal Sensitive Information.

Background checks reveal sensitive information that can be vital for employment purposes. They confirm a candidate’s identity by verifying their social security number, residence dates, and any aliases the applicant may have used. They also reveal if they’ve been involved in criminal activity. This can be important, primarily if the candidate works in a high-security position. Employers are legally permitted to check applicants’ background information, and they’re legally required to do so. This information may include education, criminal record, financial history, and medical information. Some employers even look at social media accounts and their content. These checks are legal as long as federal employment laws do them. Companies may check out https://checkr.com/background-check/employment-verification for more helpful ways to check the information of potential employees and safeguard the company’s integrity.

They Help Employers Make Better Hiring Decisions.

Background checks for employment identify potential problems before hiring a candidate. For example, criminal background checks can help hiring managers assess the risk of hiring someone with a criminal past. The information they gather will also help them determine if the person has any outstanding debt or if they’ve been late with payments in the past. Employment reference checks are conducted by hiring managers and HR professionals, who ask for references from past employers and supervisors to confirm that the candidate’s work history is accurate.

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Background checks are essential because of their ability to protect the reputation and bottom line of an employer. Companies that conduct background checks on prospective employees must follow strict guidelines set by the Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). These guidelines vary from state to state, so it’s important to consult state laws for the specific requirements in your jurisdiction. Often, background checks for employment are done on several candidates before making an offer of employment. However, candidates should be informed of their rights under the FCRA before consenting to such a process.

They Reveal Account Balances.

If you’re considering hiring a new employee, a background check can reveal account balances on a person’s credit report. This information includes a list of past credit inquiries. It also includes a tradeline, which shows the person’s accounts with lenders. It will show the account’s opening date, loan amount, credit limit, and current balance. In addition, it will reveal if the applicant has ever filed for bankruptcy. If the applicant has a history of high debt, it may indicate that they are financially irresponsible.

They Reveal Failed Drug Tests.

Failed drug tests can show up on a background check. While a failed drug test won’t be publicly visible, employers may hesitate to disclose such information. This is due to the privacy laws surrounding medical records. However, these tests may be public information if the result leads to a governmental organization, criminal conviction, or legal action. In these cases, employers can consult an attorney to help determine whether disclosing the information is appropriate for the job.

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A drug test result can upset a job applicant, but they may still need to find new work. Many potential employers don’t know you’ve failed a drug test so future employers might give you a chance.

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