What to Consider When Updating Your Website?

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Building a business website takes a lot of hard work and research. Once you’ve got your site up and running, it’s easy to think you’re done and don’t need anything else.

However, once your site has been live for a few months, you now need to think about updating your website.

Updating your website is an essential part of managing your site, and it can be an excellent opportunity for you to refresh your site and ensure that it remains valid for users.

While you mustn’t completely change your site often, as consistency is essential to your brand, you need to review and update your site regularly.

What you need to do to your site depends on how good the original design was, what your competitors are doing, trends in digital marketing, and many other factors.

We’ve put together this practical guide to help you understand some of the changes you need to consider making to your site.

Get A Bespoke Design

If your original website was made quickly from a basic template, then now might be the right time to get a bespoke website design from an expert website design team. Templates might seem convenient, but they often don’t meet your unique needs. Choose an experienced team with a wide range of services and expertise in creating client websites, such as Rubiqa. This dedicated web design agency in Derby understands that websites aren’t one-size-fits-all, so their web design experts can transform your ideas into a reality.

Consider What Customers Want

Your customers or service users are the ones you’re trying to support through your website, so consider what they’re looking for. For example, if your website doesn’t offer them the chance to buy goods or services online, but you get a lot of inquiries for sales through it, then now could be the time to add e-commerce solutions to your site. Work out what your customers are looking for or ask for their feedback directly to understand what they want and how you can deliver it by enhancing your website.

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Repurpose Old Content

When updating your website, you might notice that some content performs better than others. You can use this information to enhance your site by repurposing or updating old content to align with what your readers want. Repurposing old content can also enhance your company’s presence on other platforms, such as social media or email newsletters. It’ll save you time and allow you to reach your audience in new ways.

Review Your Search Engine Rankings

Like almost every other aspect of the technology market, SEO constantly evolves. So, new sites and ranking factors could affect your position on your target pages. A site ranking well a year ago might not be anymore, especially if you don’t have a regular SEO and digital marketing strategy. So, now could be the perfect time to build and enhance your site to get noticed again.

Enhance Cybersecurity

Keeping software on your computer up to date is crucial to ensuring your device is safe, and the same goes for your website. By regularly reviewing and updating your site, you can ensure that you notice and fix any security vulnerabilities that you might have. You can also add extra security measures such as CAPTCHA tools to avoid bots, additional anti-malware tools, and more. These solutions will give you and your website users peace of mind that the site is as safe as possible.

Reviewing and updating your website is crucial to managing your business’s online presence. Use these tips to understand what’s involved and plan a strategy to ensure your site is always at the cutting edge of new developments and offers users everything they expect.

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