5 Effective Strategies for Managing Background Noise in Video Meetings

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Background noise can be an issue in a remote working environment, but there are ways to minimize its effects. These include setting ground rules; using a virtual background; muting your microphone; and preparing a plan.

Setting ground rules

In a video meeting, background noise is an annoying distraction. It makes it difficult to focus and can prevent you from being able to contribute fully. You can avoid this by following ground rules to manage background noise. For example, muting your microphone when you’re not speaking is a good idea. Also, muting your phone notifications can help reduce the amount of background noise. As part of video meeting etiquette, you should ensure everything works correctly. Always check the microphone and camera to ensure that they are working. If you find problems with these, fix them before the meeting. You don’t want to waste time because of technical or other issues. Similarly, set up your screens before the meeting and close any unnecessary tabs.

Using a virtual background

Using a virtual background during a video meeting can help reduce background noise and create a more professional image for attendees. This can be especially helpful for conference calls held in public spaces or at home. It can also help make presentations and webinars more visually appealing. The best virtual background for a video meeting uses a green screen. Otherwise, it may appear grainy, odd, or even wrong. Dress appropriately to project a professional image. Dark, busy patterns and big, reflective jewelry can distract from the video and cause floating heads or other visual issues. Another option for eliminating background noise during video meetings is to use an image bank. This is a simple way to replace the video background. Various companies offer image banks for this purpose. Using a virtual background can also be an affordable and convenient way to control one background on different video platforms.

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Muting your mic

If your video meeting sounds too loud, consider muting your microphone. You can find the settings for muting in the Participants panel. If you’d like to mute a specific participant, click on the button, which will appear in the Participants panel. You can also select Mute All to mute everyone except for the presenter. In addition, you can choose Mute on Entry to mute all participants automatically once they join the meeting. Another good reason to mute your mic is to allow others to speak without interruption. This makes it easier for the Notta Bot to transcribe what they say. And, of course, muting your mic helps you hear the other participants better.

Preparing a plan

A video meeting is a great way to collaborate with colleagues in the same office, but there are some essential things to remember when conducting one. It’s crucial to keep background noise minimum and ensure everyone is engaged and prepared for the meeting. This is especially important if participants are multitasking. When conducting a video meeting, prepare a plan and identify your role before beginning the call. If you’re the meeting moderator, you can interject and correct people who need to pay attention. Defining handoff terms is essential so the meeting will run smoothly.

Limiting chatter

One of the most common video conferencing challenges is how to limit chatter. It’s essential to start your meeting by introducing participants and reminding them of the meeting rules, including unmuting their microphones when speaking and switching applications. During the meeting, ensure each participant can see the screen shared with the rest. Fortunately, some video conferencing platforms offer ways to limit chatter. These devices offer superior image and visual equity and help ensure that audio is not clipped or disrupted. Many video conferencing platforms even have a feature that allows you to raise your hand without interrupting your colleagues.

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