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When moving a house or an office, we are surrounded by hundreds of doubts and queries. Getting a reliable answer to our concerns is crucial, which is only possible when you put your questions to the best out-of-state moving companies. This post compiles moving service clients’ most commonly asked questions. Read through to get the best answer to your concerns.

What should I look for when choosing a moving company?

If you want to hire the best moving company for your move, you should look for one with enough work experience in the moving business. You also need to save yourself from any red flags or scams. Some moving companies are not licensed. Just go through the websites of different moving companies and check if they are registered under the Better Business Bureau. Remember to get estimates from different movers to select the moving company that fits your budget easily.

How far in advance do I need to book the moving company?

Book the moving company as soon as possible if you plan to relocate to your new home on weekends or holidays. Due to the heavy demand for movers on the weekends, it might be possible that you will have a limited choice of moving companies or may also not get any movers for your transition. You should book the moving company at least one to two months before your moving date.

What will be the cost of moving my house?

You can get price quotes from the hired moving company to know the cost of moving your house. Moving a house is a tiresome and complex process. Many factors affect the cost of moving, such as the size of the house, number of your belongings, weight of the belongings, extra services required, distance to be traveled, etc. And if your house has narrow lanes or stairs, it will cost you more as more movers will be required to carry the heavy belongings.

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How long will it take to move the house?

Moving a house is a time-consuming process. The time taken depends upon the circumstances of each individual. There are so many things you will have to take care of. The first thing you will need to do is to find a decent house to move in. Various documents are to be updated. Hiring the best moving company and packing the real stuff can take weeks. Time taken also depends upon the moving date given by your movers. Only you can shift to your new home when all these things are sorted. Ideally, it can take about 8-10 weeks to move the house.

Does a moving company require deposits for a move?

Usually, all the reputed companies don’t require a deposit to book a move. But you should rethink your decision if a company asks for a deposit. This might not be an excellent professional company for you.

What is the best time to move?

The busiest time to move is summer, from May to September. If you have the flexibility to move, you can quickly get a good deal from movers. There is no ideal time frame to move, but being flexible with your schedule could provide many benefits. This helps you to grab a good deal.

What is an order for service?

An order for service is a document in which every service you have requested from movers is written. The document also contains the dates of shipment on which you have agreed. This document also contains a contact number and address they can contact you during the moving process. It also includes the charges for the services, the method of charging, and all the other details regarding the move.

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Who should I inform that I am relocating to a new place?

You should notify your friends, family members, and professional organizations about your move. Moving is an uncertain process with associated risks; therefore, notifying your near and dear ones is very important. Apart from your near ones, you should also notify others like your family doctors, attorneys, school teachers, and accountant.

How do I prepare my appliances for the move?

All the electric appliances should be disconnected well before transportation or packing. If you are using full-service movers, you don’t have to worry about the preparations of appliances as they will perform everything by themselves. If you are packing yourself, disconnect all the wires and remove the removable and moving parts for proper packing. Also, provide enough padding for the appliances.

If I do packing by myself, will movers still be responsible for the breakage of the items?

Yes, movers are still responsible for the breakage of the items. If they find anything wrong with any cartoon, they can repack it.

What am I not allowed to transport in a moving truck? 

All hazardous items such as fireworks, flammable items, cleaning agents, items containing chemicals, and others should not be transported in a moving truck.

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